Gustavo Petro's Lights and Shadows, the winner of the Historic Pact

Gustavo Petro was confirmed as the candidate on Sunday. He has been marking the polls for several weeks with favoritism.

petro gustavo (Position of candidates of the Historic Pact on Pensions and inflation). Former Senator of the Republic and former mayor of Bogota has won the victory with the Historic Pact coalition. Officially, he is now a candidate to the Presidency, which he hopes to achieve for the third time.

His strong vote during the consultation will make him the most representative of the Colombian Left and is a strong potential presidential candidate despite the fact that his ideas and proposals are controversial on multiple fronts such as the economic one.

Petro has stated his intention to adjust the pension system through the creation of a public manager of pension funds to have an "mixed and complimentary system" in conjunction with private funds.

The candidate has stated that in Colombia "we do not have pension systems, but banks have a profit system," so many claim that he will eliminate the chances of reaching the Presidency. But, Petro recently said that he will not abolish them but would pursue reforms to pensions to create a minimum retirement age for Colombians. Petro also said that it was not necessary to raise the age of retirement.

(Who is on the Historic Pact candidate list). Another topic of contention is the fact that he has repeatedly said that he will stop extraction of oil as soon as the day he takes office. petro gustavo This has caused confusion among investors and the market generally.

Experts estimate that Petro’s proposal to end oil exploration would have a devastating effect on Colombia, costing Colombia $4.3 trillion.

Additionally, this proposal would create an antioil front across the region and the globe which shifts the economy away from fossil fuels. In this regard, I would invite Gabriel Boric the Chilean president and LuizInacio Lula Silva, the Brazilian president.

Petro stated that he has spoken with Pedro Sanchez, the Prime Minister of Spain, about his idea.

His position regarding health concerns has also been controversial. He has been insistent about eliminating EPS and replacing it with a preventive system that "guarantees all rights of individuals, not the profits of bankers".

He also cast doubt on the independence of Banco de la Republica. He stated that he was going to make changes should he become President. Petro said that the Bank Board of Directors of the Bank was a part of the Democratic Center, a political party. "What we seek, however, is a truly independent Bank of the Republic (...) and it seems important to us to ensure that the Board of Directors is represented by the entire community," the candidate said in the middle of the debate.

Invamer informs us that Petro is the top candidate in terms of voting intentions for the presidential election.

The idea of creating money for government spending was also controversial.

Petro's plans are focused on a sustainable economic system which doesn't rely on fossil fuels.

He also proposes an overhaul of the tax system that would eliminate exemptions, and transforms the idea of minimum wage to real wages that are based on income or capital.

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